Xibo sending Wake-on-Lan on wrong interface?

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Windows Player on a NucBox 8

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I’m trying to start the NucBox by WoL.
If i use any software (WOL2 or WOL Magic Packet Sender) including ether-wake on the linux box where the docker containers are running on the Box is starting as expected.
But if i try to start it via Xibo nothing is happening.
I looked at the ip traffic via iptraf-ng and it seems that xibo is sending the magic packets on the wrong interfaces:
UDP (130 bytes) from to 10.x.x.255:9 on veth5d1333f
UDP (130 bytes) from to 10.x.x.255:9 on br-4e7abb0a2e31
The ethernet interface where the Ip Adress of the box is bound (10.x.x.21) is named ens192

What am i doing wrong or what do i have to do to get this working? :slight_smile:

Anyone who could help?

Hi and welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately Wake on LAN will not work with Docker as the CMS will be running on a different network to the host machine. I have updated our documentation with a note in an effort to make that clearer for other users.

Thank you


That would help if the documentation is updated for this “issue”.
Especially as you recommend the docker installation as preferred install type.

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