Xibo scheduled layout at a different time

Hello, Is there a way to play different layouts at a specific time only without specifying the date? This will be play daily

Example scenario is a restaurant/fast food chain menu. Breakfast menu layout should play at 4:00am-10:30am, and other layout for the rest (10:30am-4am). Something like this, and will always play daily with no specific date.

You have to use the Schedule option

Thanks, is this settings correct? Repeat is Daily and Every is set to 1 day?

That should do the trick!

Keep in mind, if your schedule does not have something in a time frame, it will fall back to the default layout which is configured in display settings. So you can change the settings to a different layout or edit it.

Also pay attention to your end date, after that, it will stop displaying despite the fact you configured it has to repeat daily.