Xibo Player Windows not working

I’m testing Xibo but my Xibo Client on Windows 10 don’t display the default player.
How to make to work that ?
I have settings the key server and I have scheduled but the screen stay on “Xibo Open source digital signage”.
Where can I found a tutorial for test basic ?


Have a look at getting started pages in manual, especially this one http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_windows_client.html

So you installed Windows player, provided correct CMS address and CMS key, then you should give this player a display licence - in CMS, displays page, edit your display.
Then player should download required files, including whatever is in your default layout.
Windows 10 should not cause any additional issues.

I have looked the manual but it’s very simple.
I just adding display licence in the CMS. But the display stay out of date.
The player don’t download the files required.

How to get the error for check list ?

If the display is correctly connected to the CMS and has display licence it will check with CMS every collection interval for new/updated content/schedule.

Collection interval - setting can be adjusted in display settings page -> edit display profile.

You can go to ‘Report Fault’ page in CMS and see if everything there is fine or do you have any [X] there.
Also on Report fault page you can ‘turn on debugging’, then on ‘logs’ page you will see logs from your player.

Also when you open your Windows client you can hit the ‘i’ on your keyboard to bring up the status window, it should give you some idea of what could be wrong - or perhaps that you just need to wait a bit for a player to download necessary files.