Xibo Player Windows not show content, but yes download 100% of files

Hi friends, i need you help.
About 2 days ago I upgrade my xibo cms from 1.7.9 version to 2.2.2 version, then i try upgrade the players windows.
At open player, this download all files asigned, but never show the content that i programed.
The only content that show is the default layout assigned in the configuration.
In the player i press the “i” button to show logs, but the only line that i can see is the next: “agent threads/XMR is dead, not updating status.json” i know that this is not the problem because XMR It has nothing to do with it. I adjunt a print of this!

Can you confirm whether you downloaded the Edge version of the Player or the normal? We have some issues reported with the edge version, so it might be best to use the normal one for the time being.

Hi Dan! I solved this!!
The problem is that all my layouts have a empty region.
I remove all empty region and solved it!!!
Thanks and regards!!

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