Xibo Player windows not displaying content


So I’ve created various layouts in the CMS which are all showing as valid(ready to be published). However the player doesn’t display any of my layouts. Here are the few key issues.

  1. My media isn’t being displayed in the editor most of the time. Not sure if that’s how things are supposed to be, but I should be able to see what I am trying to add and how my layout ends up looking.

  2. No matter what I do, the xibo player only displays the default layout. (My
    Display is connected and active)

    I scheduled, published, modified, and I’ve ran out of ideas. I’ve even set the default layout as one of the layouts i created which didn’t do a thing.

The player is on separate device( NUC intel Core i7)

None of my media is displaying. The editor will not show content, which is confusing.

Any help is appreciated as I’ve been dealing with this for weeks.

Xibo Player Version 3.308.0

Can you try deleting your …/Documents/Xibo Library, and the config at AppData ?

I followed your steps. Still nothing has changed. However, I noticed I have the 32bit version of Xibo installed but my device is 64 bit, could that be the issue? I also can’t find the 64 bit download, is there a 64bit version of this software?

I went on the CMS and scheduled a layout, then launched player on the NUC. It immediately showed the Xibo splash page, took a look at the player log. It states “No such host is known”.