Xibo player text - Bug

On the most recent version of Xibo player for linux, when starting the xibo-player, sometimes it won’t load text (datasetViews, text, etc.). Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you for your message, I have also heard of other users with issues regarding the fonts with the Dataset View and Text Widgets, so far I have not been able to replicate the issue on my own test Display.

Please confirm the following details:

  • What Fonts are you using in your Layouts? Are they the default Fonts included with Xibo CMS?
  • How often does the text not load?
  • Do you see any errors when this occurs in the Terminal window that opens alongside the Player?
  • Does restarting the Player resolve the issue or does that not guarantee the text will reappear?

If you have any other relevant information that would help to investigate and replicate this issue, please also pass this on.

Many Thanks.

when i published the previous post i was on a R3 version. Since then i have updated to the R4, and this problem doesn’t seem to have appeared again.

This is great news, thank you for letting me know the issue has not occurred on the new R4 release. If you should find the issue does return, please do post the answers to my questions above and I will look into this further.

Many Thanks.