XIBO Player takes over my machine

I am been using Xibo for Windows for several years. It works fine. Xibo has sent me a notice that I need to upgrade my player to be compatible with the CMS after August 1, 2021. When I go to the computer to upgrade the player, I cannot get the player to stop reloading and running my layout. Every time that I click on the internet, my layout reloads and takes over the machine.
Any advice would be appreciated.

It sounds like the Xibo Watchdog is kicking in. This application automatically loads w/ the Xibo player. It will re-open the player if it is not running. Good thing for a signage player, not for a desktop. The easiest way is to rename the watchdog player.

After you close XIBO player by using the ALT+F4 key, look down in your taskbar and right click on the Xibo Watchdog to close it. If you used the default install directory, go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Xibo Player\watchdog\x86” and rename “XiboClientWatchdog.exe” to something else (like XiboClientWatchdog_disabled.exe).

Then when you load the player, the watchdog will not load.

Hope this helps.

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As snappyss has said, you will need to close the Player and the watchdog and then upgrade the Player.

You will find it in the system tray, bottom right.
Right click the Xibo icon and Exit to close it.

Assuming this is a device dedicated to being a Player, then you do not want to prevent the watchdog from loading. It would be fine if it was a ‘mixed-use’ machine ie a workstation that occasionally gets used as a Player, but if it is dedicated you want the watchdog there and running. You just need to close it whilst you upgrade.