Xibo player output, live on a web page?

I’d like to make a web page that shows the live display of a Xibo player.

I can imagine a kludge: a PC player, HDMI out, to a HDMI to RTSP/H.264 hardware encoder, then push that stream to a web page. Seems like overkill.

Or maybe a PC player with software that sends its own display out to an RTSP stream, using any of the various software methods of doing similar. And then finding something like YouTube Live that can multiply the single feed to any number of visitors.

Or am I overthinking it all? Your players are really using web browsers as their display surface, right? In the Xibo CMS you have a layout preview, but it isn’t scaling things right in some cases, like widgets that know about the region size or widgets with HTML that sniffs where it’s playing (like some weather widgets).

I know, I’m asking for a “push” web page and the web isn’t really “push.” But video is, and this looks like video. Give me a way to put a live Xibo player on a web page anyone can see.

This is my setup:

    1. Nvidia Shield with Xibo for Android
    1. Server with HDMI capture card running OBS
    1. VPS with NGINX
    1. Website with VideoJS

Xibo runs on the Nvidia Shield, the server picks up the output with an Elgato capture card, OBS transcodes the video and sends it to my VPS, the VPS converts it to a central livestream, the website receives the livestream and makes it visible for visitors of the website. The website itself is registered as an official online television station by Dutch authorities.

Take a look at Ons Son en Breugel TV.