Xibo Player on debian 12 xfce

Player Version

latest version, beta and edge


Hi, I have successfully installed and configured xibo-player on the latest ubuntu, but I would like to do the same on the latest debian with xfce. After the installation is completed, I cannot find any shortcut to Xibo or its settings, even providing the sudo snap run xibo-player returns:

I am able to create the menioted folder manual, but I cannot run it because of the error related to display. I cannot find any information about it. On your website it is recommented do install the player via snap, nothing more. Do you have any idea? Does it work only on Ubuntu? I have tried also beta and edge channel but it does not work as well.

Anyone or should I stay on Ubuntu?


It seems you were in a console and not in an emulator terminal…
You are connected with root, so you don’t need sudo.

You must connect on a user session, check /snap/bin is into the path, enter xibo-player in a emulator terminal.

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