Xibo Player not working correctly (App Crash, Screensaver instead of Content,...)

Hello, we are having random issues with the xibo players / app.
Randomly it happens that either the app crashes on the player or the screen shows a black “screensaver” of android with a clock, but not the content it should show. After rebooting the whole client it works then again.
any support to fix our recurring issues would be appreciated. :slight_smile:
thanks a lot.

Hi @MichaelT , I can see that you have also created a ticket on our Helpdesk and your issue is being dealt with there.

Many thanks,


Same issue here with android app. It looked like it was when players tried to play an empty playlist, but its still happening after resolving that. Did you get any resolution at all? Thanks

i do not have a solution yet.
my players all have a default playlist and on some days specific playlist.
randomly the one or other player just shows the “screensaver” shown above. i manually reboot the player then and it works again.

Same here - although we don’t have a default playlist, just one permanently scheduled. A reboot, or a restart of Xibo resolves it temporarily. No errors on the client that I can see.

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