Xibo Player is support on Amazon Fire Stick

Please let me know, Does Xibo is supported on Amazon Fire Stick?

Hi korali92, welcome to the Xibo Community!

The Amazon Fire stick is not an officially supported device, however some users have discussed the performance on this forum in various channels. Below is a search link that you can use to see some of the discussions that have taken place regarding the performance, I hope this helps with your decision:


Please do consider though that any information from other users should be a guideline, thoroughly testing Xibo on your chosen hardware is still the best way to be sure that you will get the performance you are looking for.

It’s completely up to you but if you decide to update the post and confirm how your testing went and what Widgets you used/tested, this would be great for future users also looking for more information on how Xibo performs on the Amazon Fire stick.

Just in case, here is a link to the officially recommended hardware for the Xibo for Android Player:


All the best with your testing!

Many Thanks.

I currently have six Amazon Fire TV Stick (five gen 2/tank and one 4K) displays deployed and two are ready for rollout. Works perfectly.

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Thanks VonRutch for passing that on and sharing that info with korali92. Hopefully that will help them when making a decision on what hardware to use for their Xibo signage.

Many Thanks.

Question for VonRutch probably - I’m toying with the notion of switching to fire stick hardware.

Is there anything to stop someone in the vicinity of your displays , operating a fire stick remote and switching from xibo back to say netflix or some other non xibo app.

Although a possibly a neat solution I suspect it could be easily hi-jacked, hence the question.



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