Xibo player in my country

Hello to the Xibo family, it has been 3 years I have been working with xibo on a project. We had tested the project on xibo android player its work seamlessly.My company has bought 6 android smart tv. I tried to register on the website to buy the license for the Android players, but its keep saying that Xibo is not available in my country. Using a vpn service I registered on the site, will this cause problem for the license on the TV.
I sent an email to xibo sale service and this is what e replies .
Hi Samuel,
We’re currently unable to take orders from Sierra Leone, so it’s not possible for you to purchase Xibo for Android Licenses and an On-Premise Licensing Module from us.
Instead, you should use our open-source products: the Xibo CMS (self-hosted), Xibo for Windows Player and Xibo for Linux Player. These products are free to deploy…
Please can any one help me, if not I am in big trouble. Because I am in charge of the project and asked my company to buy these TVs

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