Xibo player freezes, OS locks up

My instituion uses Xibo’s cloud CMS and runs the Xibo player on Windows devices. Our devices are running the most current Xibo player 303.0. We have been experiencing issues where the Xibo player will freeze and the operating system freezes as well (the computer loses network and has no functionality). At this point, the computer must be physically rebooted to restore functionality.

We have 50+ displays with many different templates/content and this issue will happen randomly to any of the devices. This has happened for over a year so it has been happening accross many different software/CMS versions.

When looking into the event viewer, I see some audit errors (see screenshots). Any idea what might be causing this and how to fix the issue? It seems to be some sort of permission issue? Why would Xibo be working for a while (in some cases several weeks) then fail like this?

Here are the event view screenshots. The PC locks up after the last event (SeTcbPrivilege failure)


Also having the same issue with our displays with more intensive content. (videos/images)

Also having Same issue. Sometimes freezing, sometimes black screen. On the Freezing ones: i have a Video overlay. At freezing time, the Video is Not showing. Maybe the error is by changing to the next Video

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Using a Intel 11th gen cpu? I have had this combo with a specific GPU driver from intel.

I had fixed this by prolonging the layout to 24 hours. Gave the miniPC a reboot every day.

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Likely unrelated entirely, but the exact same issue. We have freezing/locking/black screen all the time on our Xibo-provided DSCS9 Android units. It is very frustrating because we have remote management tools on these units, but as you said, they completely lock up so that a physical reboot is required.

The only real fix that we’ve found is to downgrade the software version on the players, which reduces functionality and reintroduces other bug fixes and enhancements that have been put in place. For Android, R206 seems to be the sweet spot-- but that means no v3 features, marquee lag, incorrect MAC address reporting to the CMS/licensing, among other issues.

I would like to help contribute data in any way that I can to result in a more reliable and stable signage solution. These things should never freeze and never go down.

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I have no problems for DSCS9 units. But we only request/use MP4 video files.

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