Xibo-player font bug

With the most recent release of the cms and the xibo-player, i have found some strange behavior related to the datasetViews and it’s respective font-families. In a region, with multiple datasetViews, there will be a time, where the font won’t be loaded, but it only affects the first datasetView. The time spacing seems to coincide with the caching time, but can’t say for certain.

Thank you for posting about this issue you are having. Is it possible to have a copy of this Layout exported from your CMS so I can test it on my Linux Player as well as take a closer look at what may be causing the issue? If you decide to pass on a copy, please do not forget to tick the Include dataset box before confirming you would like to export the Layout.

If you would prefer to keep the Layout private, you are welcome to send it to me in a PM.

Many Thanks.