Xibo Player compatible with Shell Launcher/kiosk mode?

Windows 10 and Windows 11 have a feature called “shell launcher” for kiosk scenarios. Has anyone used Xibo Player for Windows with shell launcher v2?

This seems like the most “Microsoft-official” way to deploy a kiosk like digital signage, but the shell must be written in a specific way. For example, Shell Launcher doesn’t support a custom shell with an application that launches a different process and exits. I am unsure if this affects Xibo Player for Windows, so I was wondering if anyone else had tried deploying in this way.

I know I’m using Xibo as the shell on a few Windows10 IoT based media players. Xibo works fine, but I don’t actually know how the computers were configured - they were set up by our previous digital signage solution vendor and we cannibalized them when we deployed Xibo.

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