Xibo player clock widget time slows down

CMS 4.11 self on ubuntu
android player 4.04 ugoos X4Q

If I turn the Android box off and on again, the Android hardware time and the Xibo player clock widget time start the same. However, as time goes on, the Xibo player clock widget time slows down and the time difference with the Android box increases. The Android box hardware time keeps in sync with NTP. Other Android boxes using the same CMS have the correct time. Please find the attached screenshots and logs.

General Information
Date: 2024-05-23 14:14:13
Version: 4
Code Version: 404 - 5a96c8a2 (2024-03-20 14:41:42)
Content Management System: http://jinped.iptime.org:20080/xmds.php (tcp://jinped.iptime.org:9505 - 2024-05-23 14:13:45 - 28 seconds and 933 milliseconds ago)
Sync: Lead, Video Delay: 100
Last Heartbeat: 3 minutes, 27 seconds and 556 milliseconds ago.
Storage Selected: Internal Storage. 90.0%
Display Name: X4Q-1
Licenced: true (full)
Registered: true
Current Layout: Normal: 66
Screen Size: 3840 x 2160
Memory Limit: 384 MB
Memory Allocation: 11 MB
Image Cache Hit Rate: 0.03
Screen Shot Request Interval: 2
Use Surface View for Video Rendering?: true
Video Engine in use: ExoPlayer
Use multiple video decoders: true
Number of Stats ready to send: 5 - 2024-05-23 14:10:32
Number of Logs ready to send: 43 - 2024-05-23 14:10:32

CMS Status
Register: Registered. Checked at 2024-05-23 14:10:31
Schedule: Skipped
Required Files (Inside Download Window): Skipped. 50/50
Queued Network Connections - F: 0 / N: 0. HTTP: 1 / Idle: 1
Number of Concurrent Failed XMDS Connections: 0

Schedule Status
All layouts (* = not scheduled): 66, 11* (I), 63, 64, 69 (O), 31 (D),
Scheduled Layouts: 66, 63, 64,
Valid Layouts: 66, 63, 64, 69, 31,
Invalid Layouts:
Next Schedule Update: 2024-05-23 14:15:31


Last 5 log messages
Method: Subscriber. Message: readAndActionMessage: Opened: {“action”:“screenShot”,“createdDt”:“2024-05-23T14:14:16+09:00”,“ttl”:120}.
Method: XFA:LayoutManager. Message: startNextLayout from outside…
Method: XFA:LayoutManager. Message: startNextLayout: setting next layout false, next layout is already set.
Method: XFA:LayoutManager. Message: startNextLayout: Proceed with starting the next Layout. instanceId: 6354, layoutId: 66.
Method: XFA:LayoutManager. Message: startNextLayout: Stopping current Layout instanceId: 2951, layoutId: 64 .

Install Service Status
Update Window: 00:00 - 00:00
Version Information from CMS:

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self cms
android player 4.04

i posted this problem yesterer day.
I update status.
I add clock widget on base layout and overlay layout also.
there is difference on time.
Time on base layout is correct, but time on overlay layout gose slowing down.
Top on left is base layout clock. and Right is overlay layout clock.
There is no offset in clock widget.
What is the problem?

Hi, overlay layouts are different to ‘normal’ layouts in the fact they will render media content once and will not show any refreshed content, hence why your clock seems to be slowing down. You could try adding your clock and a second media item to a Playlist to have in your overlay which would then reload each item as it switches between the two.


Thank you for your advise.
I make layout for overlay layout like attached screen shot.

“two clocks on one playlist”
I will try.
And another thing.
My 2nd android xibo player show correct time under overlay layout. it is confusing.
Regards, EJ

I tried your solution
It worked!
Lt top clock with playlist on overlay layout
Lt down clock with base layout on overlayout(same layout with above)
rt top clock on norma layout, normal schedule
thank you for advise

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