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I’m using player version v2 R254.1 on Windows 10 and I’m asking if it is possible to set up Language preferences on browser that is used in Xibo player? If I’m right, the player uses the CEF browser.

I play web pages that show numbers and graphs.

If I open a web page in a browser on a computer, there is a dot separator in numbers (example: 12.678).
If I open the same page in Xibo player, the comma is the separator in numbers (example: 12,678).

I assume that this is a matter of local settings.
Is it possible to set this up?



I’m surprised its defaulting to , instead of .
If i’d been asked I would have guessed the other way around. It does seem like its possible in CEF to set the desired language, but it also appears the default is en.

Do you have an example web page or embedded widget we could look at so that we can try it out on our side?



Thanks for your answer, and sorry for late response.

I can’t send you an example of web page, because it is available only on the internal network, but I’ve done some screen shots.

  • Web page rendered in Xibo player

Web page rendered in Chrome browser

Can you tell me how to change language in CEF?


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