Xibo player Android as a professional solution

Hi Guys,

I am working for a couple of years with the Xibo windows player which is great. However we have encountered some issues with the Android player. My question is whether I can rely on the android player software as a professional digital signage device.

I already know that as a kiosk that requires user interaction it is not the best solution. My question is if it is good enough for digital signage projects such as public transport boards in train stations.

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Xibo for Android is a well tested Player and is powering 70k+ screens worldwide at the time of writing.

As with all software, its stability is closely linked to the device it runs on. For a professional solution it really does pay to have a good device.

You are right that interactivity is not supported yet (by any of our Players), but we are working on that for v3.

Thanks Dan. I will test it again on an Android player with better quality.

Hi, what do you think is better for a public transportation boards? Train station for example.
Linux or Android?

And another question if I may. What is the minimum CMS version for working with the Linux player?


The Linux Player is very new and doesn’t yet contain all the same features as the other players. You need the latest 1.8 to run it, although I would always recommend taking the latest CMS available.

Our goal is that all Players are essentially equal in feature sets and quality - this is mostly true already for windows, android, webos and tizen… with Linux following on as quickly as we can.

We are struggling with the android player currently as it does not have a new enough version of Webview to support our Angular dashboard application. They have a beta version that we are testing but even that is having some troubles. It doesn’s seem to be related (possibly) to the application itself but rather the DSCS9 player that we are using not being powerful enough to handle the render and websocket stream.

The version of the webview is brought by the hardware, not the Xibo software, so you’re right that the DSCS9 hardware would be the factor here. We are looking at newer firmware for that device, with an updated web view, and perhaps that is what you’re testing :slightly_smiling_face:

As with any software, what you run it on is important. Software can only do so much after all! Howeer, there are some very powerful Android devices out there, which would be overkill for a lot of use cases. We’ve found the DSCS9 to be a good all-rounder, which is why we sell it.

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