Xibo Player 3.0 client missing settings menu

How can I access the Xibo Player configuration menu in 3.0 after initially configuring the player? I skipped inserting the license and now the player doesn’t offer the configuration screen anymore when it opens. The three dots from top right are missing so there seems to be no way of opening the menu.

This is how the top bar looke like before 3.0:

This is how it looks with 3.0:

Try connecting a keyboard and use the following key to access the menu options that are missing:
S (Settings Menu)
C (Connect to CMS)
I (Status Page)

There may also be a physical menu button on the device or on a remote for the device, that when pressed makes the Action bar options appear.

This issue is also sometimes resolved by reinstalling the Player.

If you are still experiencing difficulties after trying the above then please do open a ticket and give further details as to the make and model of your device.

Thank you

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