Xibo on NEC MultiSync E657Q

I am thinking about using Xibo with NEC Multisync large format display. the documentation says that the display supports “digital signage over LAN”. I would like to use it without any “in-the-middle” device (less stuff to maintain is better). Is it possible? I have not use Xibo so far. Of course I know I need some server somewhere in lan, it is not a problem anyway.


Thank you for your message and welcome to the community! It’s hard to say for sure whether the Display you are looking at will be compatible with the Xibo Player without more information, do you have a model number for example?

The Xibo Player on all platforms needs to be installed on a device with the appropriate operating system to run it. This means your Display will likely need to be able to support the Player application itself, it can then communicate with your CMS across the network. With this in mind, you may need to find out what operating system runs on your NEC Multisync.

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Meanwhile I have studied it more and the general answer is “No”. NEC uses its own software NAVISet, which runs on higher models (not on the basic line E anyway). More you can add their own HW player, which is based on Raspberry Pi but Xibo is not recommended with RPi. So you can use NEC display but only same way as any other display.
Anyway thank for your time.

Thank you for updating the post about what you have managed to find out about the NEC devices, this could be helpful to other users considering those devices.

I hope you are able to find a suitable hardware solution.

Many Thanks.