Xibo newcomer - Custom Module installation


Im doing an internship at a company, and im trying to develop and install custom modules for Xibo. I’ve read up on previous threads that have handeled this subject matter. and i have a few questions.

If i follow the guide custom module guide, should the example build in it be able to be installed? i end up with an installation that simply keeps going, and never finishes.

Also my docker installation of Xibo seems to only come with Twig files and Json files to run the existing module, and i cannot seem to find the code for installation of the twitter or google modules, and id like to see them to better understand, how it all works together.

I was thinking on writing up a guide for how to build a “skeleton” module as i’ve seen it requested before in community pages, that is if i can get it to work of cause.

anyway thanks any help is appriciated and Hello Xibo.

allright the rule of askinga question and solving it right away.
Turns out i had placed an extra backslash in the josn file “class” to appease my IDE.

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