Xibo Modules - Reset to Default or uninstall/reinstall?

In my excitement at obtaining a forecast io api key, I overwrote the entire line in the forecast api key spot. I don’t know how to reset to default or reinstall a module. Would someone please point me in the right direction?

HI Zef

All you should need to do is enter your API key in the Module settings for the Forecast IO Module:

I’m not sure what from that screen you could have deleted? Or did you edit the database directly?


Thanks for the quick reply. I thought that the key replaces only the part of the text string that said apikey. I only have the key alone in that space. I must have something else wrong, lat and longitude perhaps. I’ll sort it eventually. Thanks again.

Assuming you’ve entered a valid API key in that box, and a valid latitude/longitude for your display/CMS, then the next most likely problem would be if you haven’t setup your PHP with valid SSL root certificates: