Xibo module running Javascript stops execution after 3 seconds


I have written a module that uses Apache Paho Javascript MQTT Client to communicate via MQTT with a server, the communication uses Websockets.

The module runs fine on a Windows machine in Internet Explorer 11 within Xibo Layout Designer.
When I run it in Xibo Player the Javascript code stops working after about 3 seconds.
Internet Explorer 11 is in the compatibility list of the Javascript library: http://caniuse.com/#feat=websockets

Is there any difference in Javascript handling within Xibo Client compared to normal Internet Explorer? Websockets is HTML 5 stuff, is there anything missing or not accessible in Xibo Player?

Thanks for any help


I found the “bug”. A library was not transferred to the XiboClient…

Great - pleased that you found the bug!

If you include your library in installModuleFiles() then it will be installed on the player automatically.