Xibo Linux client : config file location

Hi !!
I am pleased to use Xibo for my digital signage system.
I try to configure the xibo linux client (ubuntu 20.04) without using xibo-player.options binary.
I dont’ know how to find any config file to write in order to deploy severals player as code.
Can you help ?
Thank’s a lot.

HI oxo, welcome to the community!

On my Ubuntu 20.04 setup the config xml files are located at:


You will need to make sure you replace my_user_account with the account you used to install the player. In this directory I located the cmsSettings.xml file, which is where the player settings for CMS URL, key and library location are stored.

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW !!!
Thanks a lot !!!
I have found the xml files and I will update them !
Best regards !

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