Xibo-library//cache is not writeable

I’m just upgraded to 1.7.4 on ubuntu apache 2.4.12. I did a fresh install and upgraded the database.

i’m getting “xibo-library//cache is not writeable” on the dashboard.

i did a chmod -R 755 * on the whole install with no luck.

Any clues or pointers ?

Looks like you didn’t set a fully qualified path to the Xibo library in the CMS settings.

Go in the settings and make the path fully qualified, then make sure that the library is owned by the user www-data and that the user part of the permissions allow that user to read and write.

For example

cd /path/to/xibo-library
chown -R www-data.www-data .
chmod -R 755 .

Ideally you wouldn’t have all your files as executable but you’ve already made them so so my commands above won’t make any difference to that.