Xibo Kiosk Mode Win 11

Hello all!

Is there by chance a guide on how to get this type of configuration going? At this moment in time I am stuck trying to assign the appname to the AssignedAccess but I have had no luck. Not quite sure what the best course of action would be if Xibo Players can be deployed in Kiosk mode with a local user that auto logs on and never displayed the task bar. Any thoughts?

I posted exact instructions on how to do this a couple weeks back , just keep in mind kiosk mode is for windows enterprise or IoT enterprise only

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Hey Jon_Knowles!

I appreciate the fast reply! I have been referencing the posting that you supplied the link to, however there are a couple of differences that are posing issues.

  1. Would it be possible to use an Active Directory account as the “kioskuser”?
  2. In the link you provided, you state that the system will auto logon as the kioskuser, but where are you explicitly stating that account to be the autologon account?

And just to clarify, I am using Windows 11 Enterprise.