Xibo isn't responding

I have a few android devices running xibo. I have to re-run the app daily. I get an error on all of them at different times once a day saying “Xibo isn’t responding. Do you want to close it?” Once I close it and restart it it will work fine for the rest of the day. The device we are using isn’t on the recommended list but we have used these devices before the 1.8 upgrade and they never had a problem.

The 1.8 Player has more going on - it’s running an internal webserver, as well as dealing with XMR, so perhaps it’s pushing the device slightly harder.

Are you using the newest 1.8 Player? Have you got XMR correctly configured? Or, if you don’t have XMR running, have your disabled it in the Player so it’s not trying to reconnect continually?

I am using Version 1.8 R102 player. I believe XMR is working correctly. I will double check that.

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Was just wondering if there was anything found on this thread? We are experiencing the same issue with one of our DSD devices, running Xibo 1.8.106. Seems to pop up with the player goes offline repeatedly, since this player is in one of our more remote areas with spotty internet.

I would recommend upgrading your Player to the latest version, which is currently 1.8 R108 to confirm if this resolves the issue.

Many Thanks.