Xibo installation on Synology DS918+ with Vhost

Hi Everyone, I am trying to install xibo 3.x.x on a synology…

I copied the xibo folder in the web folder of my synology…then I created a vhost like in the picture. But now I’m not quite sure what the path to the DokumenRoot must be??? /web/xibo or /web/xibo/web ??? Does anyone know?

What do I have to enter in the browser then??? DS918/xibo or DS918/web/xibo or DS918/web/xibo/web ??? None of them works…I always get a 404 error

Would be great if someone here in the board could explain me exactly what I have to enter in the browser and how the path must be called correctly for the document root? Thanks

the content of the DkumentRoot I have not changed…do I have to change there possibly also what still with the #???
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i would recommend to use Docker for Xibo. Your DS918 is compatible to use Docker containers.

unfortunately i don’t know much about docker…and the description here isr not exactly easy either.

While that may be true, you are using a legacy installation method that is not favored and most of the community does not use. You are setting yourself up for future challenges if you continue down this path. Would recommend going with Docker.

To my point, I’ve never setup Xibo without Docker so I cannot provide you any support.

Ok is there a step by step installation video from the xibo team on how to install xibo in Docker on a Synology? I have not found anything on the net, neither on YouTube nor here in xibo :frowning:

One question: now, i habe installed Version 3.0.5.

Please can you send me a Link what Player for Windows Workshop Fine with this xibo cm/s?

Much thanks and a happy new year

The thing is that running docker on synology requires an extra step. You need to point the volume on your Synology so it can write files and database to it. This way you are able to remove a specific (old version) of the docker app (Xibo) and just download the new one. It will start with the same docker config and database.

Please check the following link for a How-To https://www.wundertech.net/how-to-use-docker-on-a-synology-nas/

I am using Portainer (next to docker) so I can have a overview of the running apps.
I have had issues with a local CMS of Xibo, now running with Docker is faster/smoother and for support easier to help you out with support.

Hi, thanks fo4 your answer, but can you get a Stepp by step manual Here hau i can install xibo on Docker with portainer?


Can you tell me how you setup Xibo with docker?
I installed the container but it doesn’t work. I can sent you the pictures of containers in docker. Thanks

I don’t have a manual available for running Xibo on Docker. I am hosting Xibo on a VPS with Docker. But try a different manual and just add xibo to it.

Running on Synology is more challenging because the Docker CLI is behind sudo and there is no docker-compose, which is required for the standard Xibo installation. I would agree with @Vishal_Debipersad that Portainer is the way to go. Install Portainer, add a stack, drop in the Xibo-provided Docker Compose file, set your paths, and you should be good to go.

what is a stack? Portainer I have been able to install…

how do I install the Docker file? I am an absolute newbie…that’s why I am asking here…

could you please describe the most necessary steps briefly how i can install xibo in portainer. thanks a lot

I fixed it. Now the containers are working.
I had to uninstall webstation, phpmyadmin, mariadb 10, that was the problem.

i can can send you screenshots of my docker containers that i installed on my synology nas if you want?

yes, thats good …make it please.

Or i can email you the container configuration.

Here is what we do…

We’re running Docker in swarm mode. You can do that on Synology by running this in the CLI:

sudo docker swarm init

You can then setup your compose file. Here is ours, but we’re running a very nonstandard configuration:

version: "3.4"

      image: xibosignage/xibo-xmr:release-0.8
        - "9505:9505"
        XMR_DEBUG: "false"
            memory: 50M
            memory: 10M
        - xibo

      image: xibosignage/xibo-cms:release-3.0.4
        test: ["CMD", "curl", "-f", "http://localhost"]
        interval: 1m30s
        timeout: 10s
        retries: 3
        start_period: 5m
        - "backup:/var/www/backup"
        - "cms_custom:/var/www/cms/custom"
        - "cms_web_theme_custom:/var/www/cms/web/theme/custom"
        - "cms_library:/var/www/cms/library"
        XMR_HOST: "xmr"
        CMS_SMTP_SERVER: ""
        CMS_USE_MEMCACHED: "false"
        CMS_SMTP_REWRITE_DOMAIN: "example.com"
        CMS_SMTP_HOSTNAME: "example.com"
        MYSQL_PORT: 3307
        MYSQL_DATABASE: xibo
        MYSQL_USER: xibo
        MYSQL_PASSWORD: password
        - xibo
            memory: 2G
            memory: 1.8G
          parallelism: 1
          order: start-first

      type: "nfs"
      o: "addr=,nolock,soft,rw"
      device: ":/data/Xibo/backup"
      type: "nfs"
      o: "addr=,nolock,soft,rw"
      device: ":/data/Xibo/cms/custom"
      type: "nfs"
      o: "addr=,nolock,soft,rw"
      device: ":/data/Xibo/cms/web/theme/custom"
      type: "nfs"
      o: "addr=,nolock,soft,rw"
      device: ":/data/Xibo/cms/library"

      driver: overlay
      external: true

You can see example YAML files in the official repo:

Once you have it all configured you just run this:

sudo docker stack deploy -c yourfile.yml xibo

You can see the progress of your container setup at any time by running:

sudo docker stack ps xibo

Hopefully that helps! You can make edits to your YAML and run the command again to make updates.

Thank you very much for this files.

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