Xibo installation guides

Is there any movement on creating installation guides that are both up to date and actually usable?

None of the documentation is current and none of it yields a working CMS installation either on Ubuntu or Windows. I’d love to experiment with Xibo but it’s literally not installable using the guides presented by Xibo or the community.

Does anyone have any links to a current and working guide?

Install the CMS itself is covered here:

Both contain basic links to configuring your web server environment, which can be supplemented by the documentation from your web server provider (there are hundreds of different options here, depending what you have in terms of a web server). There are many guides available to do this part:

If you’d like the try the 1.8 beta, then the Docker installation is by far the easiest way as we’ve provided a web server via Docker that is already configured appropriately.

What are you missing that you think we should provide in our standard documenation?

I agree. Build out a Ubuntu VM and then install docker. I think it took me 30 minutes and I have never created a Ubuntu server or used docker. The entire VM is only 8.5gb and thats probably heavy as it contains the entire Ubuntu server.