Xibo Installation - Fileinfo remaining problem

Hello !

I’ve been trying for hours now to install Xibo on my computer (Windows 7 virtual machine), but I can’t get rid of the Fileinfo problem, even though I’ve done everything : enabled in php.ini by deleting the “;”, restarted apache and MySQL… Everything that I could find as a solution on the internet, I’ve tested… But still the Fileinfo problem remains

My main concern is about the fact that I had to transfer the php.ini from my other PC (where zibo works just fine !) because it was nowhere to be found on this one… Is that the problem from the beginning ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

If PHP is installed on the new machine then there will be a php.ini. The fact it wasn’t there probably means it’s moved in the new version you’re running and so the changes you’re making won’t have any effect. You need to find the correct location of the php.ini file (not the one you copied over) and amend that.

Okay i will try that then !
I have found a php.ini-development/ production but for now no php.ini…

I’ll keep you informed, many thanks

Perhaps you’re supposed to rename one of those in that location?

Ok, I’ve tried that but the problem is still there… :confused:

I don’t know then I’m afraid. A forum specific to the system you’re using (XAMPP etc) might give you more help. You just need to know where the php.ini file should be located.

Hello i have the same problem.
I use windows 10 and xamp v3.2.1
Now i read that is better to use an older version of xamp.

greetz, Mark

I’d give you the same response. For more information on how to configure XAMPP, then a forum dedicated to XAMPP is much more likely to give you answers than we are able to.


I installed xamp 1.73 and the file info problem is gone
But now is the php version to old.
Goning to try a newer one.
I let you now when i found it.

greetz, Mark


I installed xampp version 1.8.3.
And it wordks fine !
My xibo server works

greetz, Mark

Okay ! thanks for the advice, I’ll try that right now and will keep you posted !

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