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Hi All.

First time using Xibo. I’ve managed to get the Xibo client working on our TV screens. I’ve added the embedded HTML widget to the layout and loaded the HTML code from Google Slides, and I can see the slideshow from the web portal, but the client on our TV computers doesn’t load the slides, it just shows the splash screen. I’ve connected successfully to the proxy also.

The only thing I’m thinking may be causing it is that the status for the screen is stuck on downloading new files, and also on the layout, it advises there are items in this layout that can only be access by the display.


This is my first time using Xibo or any digital signage platform, so if you could assist in layman’s terms, that would be very helpful!

Hi LukelsConfused, welcome to the community!

If the player is not showing as up to date that could explain the issue. Can you also confirm that your Google Sheet is published and can be shared with anyone? If it is set to share privately then it will not display on your player.

Can you also confirm what player platform and version you are using? You can find this out on the Displays page in your CMS. Simply click the Column Visibility button and choose Version to reveal that column. If you can share that information I can move your post to the appropriate channel.

If you are happy to share an exported copy of your layout with me, I can test this on my displays and help troubleshoot the issue. If you decide to share the layout please send it to me in a private message.

Many Thanks.

Hi @DanBW,

Thank you for the response.

The version I’m running is windows 3 R307.0-307.

Can I privately send you the export?

Thank you for confirming the player version. I will send you a message that you can reply to with the exported copy of your layout.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan. I have responded with the link. Thank you.

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