Xibo getting error 500

Hi there,

Im using CentOs 7 with:
nginx 1.10.2
php 5.4.16
php-fpm 5.4.16
mariadb 5.5.52
XIBO CMS 1.7.9

It was working fine until i move the Library Location to another place and then i start receiving error 500. I moved again the library to the old place and still getting this error.

Worst, fpm error log wont show anything, nginx access. log only says that its a error 500.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Alex M.

Did you ever get this figured out. I would guest a permissions issue.

I tried for a day, change all settings in php, php-fpm and nginx and always get the error, just for moving and then moving again for the same place the folder, and with the same owner:group and permissions.

At the end of the day i decided for the good old apache… and voilá, it works :wink: