Xibo for Windows v2 R257

We are pleased to announce the release of Xibo for Windows v2 R257, which is a bug fix release solving 6 issues.

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i got some trouble after updating to the new player.
updated from R254 to R257 on a win10 client. The client is playing just the default layout without any scheduled layout asigned to it.
i got the following error in the xibo log:

[ScheduleManagerThread] ScheduleManager - Run
Exception in Run: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.Parameter name: index

when i schedule a layout to this client it works, even when i schedule the default layout.
i reverted back to R254 and here it is back to normal, means it just plays the default layout without a schedule.

Xibo CMS Version is 2.3.7

i tested now R254.1 R255.3 R256.7 R300.1 without any issues
again i am at R257.1 and it behaves like described above

revert back to R256.7


Thanks for reporting this issue, i’ve created a bug for it and we will look straight away. If we can issue an updated MSI we will do so.

UPDATE: 18th March 08:00. We’ve released a hotfix to solve this issue and updated the link on the blog post.

Hello Dan,

thank you for the fast fix. noe it is working well.


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You’re welcome - thanks for the report!