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What version browser is being used or is supposed to be being used by the Xibo client? When I put up a web page like “www.whatsmybrowser.com” it says it is Chrome. However, it does not match the version of Chrome I have installed on the machine which is the latest. It says something like version 73 instead.

The reason I ask is I have an internal web page, Blue Iris, that worked perfectly in the Linux version of the player, but doesn’t work very well in the Windows version.

One thing I have tested on the Windows version is to close Xibo and browse to the web page directly using Chrome, works perfectly. However, when running inside the Xibo client, the page is very very slow.

It uses CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) which is a variant of Chromium (the browser that Chrome is based upon).

It may be that the webpage you’re trying to view requires something that CEF can’t provide it with. We updated CEF periodically as new versions of the Player are released so that may improve over time.

Does it make sense that it works fine on the Linux player and not the Windows? Are they not using the same CEF version?

No they aren’t. Linux doesn’t use CEF at all.

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