Xibo for webOS - v2 R205 Available!

Xibo Signage is pleased to announce Xibo for webOS v2 R205. This release works with Xibo CMS version 2.0.0 onward.

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After installing the Xibo webOS v2 R205 version, scheduling a layout isn’t possible anymore. (Xibo 2.3.7)
Error Code in CMS Log:

[parseRequiredFiles] downloadERROR

Download failed for file 275.png. Error:{“errorCode”:-1,“errorText”:“Unknown method “downloadFile” for category “/fs””}

Any solution?

Dear colleagues,

I am facing the same problem as @Landgraf, but with R206. CMS is 3.0. RC3. Can anybody help me to resolve this problem, please? Many thanks. Michal

TV Model: LG 43UL3G-BJ
webOS: 4.0.1-29

Xibo for webOS comes with free support from our helpdesk,so please do Open a Ticket so that one of our support technicians can troubleshoot to resolve this issue for you.
When you create your ticket could you also ensure that the top half of your status page in a screenshot is included.

Thank you

Hi, Natasha. Thanks.