Xibo for Tizen Player Installation Fails

I wanted to upgrade the player on my Samsung QHR, deleted R206 version and wanted to install R207 via USB stick.

Unfortunately, I’m getting an error message, that it is not possible and I should try later.

When I’m trying to install via CMS the error message sounds similar: Failed to Connect to server. Please try again later.

Any ideas?

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Could you please open a ticket with our helpdesk so that we can assist you further.

Thank you

Hi Christian, thank you for your message.

The QHR is a supported model and should be able to install and run the Xibo for Tizen player. Please can you make sure that you are running the latest recommended firmware, which is 2360.4. If you are not familiar with the process for checking and installing the firmware, this guide explains how to do that.
You will also need to make sure that you have set the time, date, time zone and DST settings on the display before installing the player. Could you also make sure that you are using the latest Xibo for Tizen release, which is R208 for version 2 and R301 for version 3.

If the issue persists and you are still unable to install the player remotely using your CMS or locally using a USB, please either reply to this message or open a ticket with the help desk. You are welcome to put the ticket for my attention so I can continue to provide you with support.

Many Thanks.

Many thanks for your help.

Yesterday I could resolve the issue. I had to update the firmware on the screen and then I could install the player directly from the Xibo server, via URS-Start program.

And this one works with the whole resolution!

Many thanks

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