Xibo for Linux v1.8 R7 alpha

We’re very pleased to announce progress towards a 1.8 R7 release of the Xibo for Linux player. This is available in the latest/beta channel in Snapcraft. Anyone who wants to test this can use the beta channel:

snap refresh xibo-player --channel=beta

Issues solved can be found on our Github release milestone.

The highlights are:

  • our snap build process is fixed :partying_face:
  • the player will connect to a v3 CMS
  • URLs are decoded correctly in Local Video and others

If testing goes well this will be promoted to the beta channel next week

EDIT: we moved this to the beta channel on the 24th May 2022 at 16:30 UTC.

Many of our dedicated Linux users will know that we’ve struggled over a long period of time to maintain the project. The progress here was made possible in a large part by the work of @DavidUser who got the code base running and debuggable in VSCode.

The project does still need help, there is a lot to work on and plenty of bugs to fix!
Details here:


So pleased to see this! Bravo

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This has been moved to the beta channel to increase the number of testers. A big thank you to the users of the 107 players trying this out so far!

This has been moved to the candidate channel in preparation for stable release next month. If anyone currently using 1.8 R6 would like to try it before this time, please do so in the next 30 days. Thank you!

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I will test it on 28 player. i will start to install them today. i did an install yesterday on just one to see if works. everything seems ok for now.