Xibo for Android v2 R215 - Intrerupt Layout, Retire & Expire media not working

I think from the last version of CMS release in April I have seen the problems appear, or maybe the problems are behind the apk’s:

Interrupt Layout - You made 10 interrupt layouts and assign them to a device, trying all kinds of priority - non of them will appear on the device.
Retire Media - just not working. On the CMS the media look retire but still plays on all versions of the android apk.
Expire Media - it’s expired, but still appears on all versions of android.
Downloading Media - for a new display registered you need to have lots of patience and reboot it several times so the media will be downloaded.

CMS - [2.3.10] docker on premise
APK - 214, 215
Players - Philips SOC, DSCS 9, TX9s, Xiaomi MI TV Stick, Android TV Allview

Up …please. still not working

Interrupt Layout still not working

Thank you for your messages and sorry to hear about your issues. I have been testing using Xibo for Android R215 and I have some updates on your issues:

Interrupt Layouts:
Regarding interrupt layouts, I can see that my colleague has explained how they work in another post: Campaign schedulle went wrong - #7 by hypnomedia

Can you confirm if the issue you are having is different from the one described here? If yes, please can you let me know how you have set up your schedule, standard layouts and interrupt layouts, so I can replicate your issue?

Retired Media
When a media item is retired in your CMS, please note this will not remove the item from your layouts. If you would like your media items to stop appearing in your layouts, you will need to set an expiry date or modify your layout and remove those items.

Expiry Dates
I have been testing widget expiration on my R215 player and can confirm it stopped showing after the expiry end date was reached. Can you provide more information about your expiry date setup so I can see if I can replicate this issue?

Downloading Media
I also cannot see an issue with media downloading to my R215 player. Your players should download the files they require when they check into your CMS on or near the collect interval you have set, or sooner if you are using XMR. Can you provide more information about what you are seeing when the player connects to your CMS? How long is it taking to download the files and what is the approximate size of the files that need to be downloaded?

Many Thanks.

Hi, Dan. Thank you for your support!

I will start with Interrupt Layout
I start with version xxx_v2_R212, and I had no problem running interrupt layouts. My user case was this:

  1. One principal layout running 24/24/7 containing 2 regions, one with an image(brand) one with a sub-playlist that contains other 5 to 35 playlists. With 10 to 30 hours of playing.
  2. Time to time, from 8 to 20% of an hour I have one Interrupt Layout with Future events that appear over the principal layout.

One day, 4-5 weeks ago, I have observed that the Interrupt Layout doesn’t appear anymore. I try lots of variants involving priority but nothing. Maybe it’s a problem with the overlay regions?
I have transformed the Interrupt Layout in Overlay Layout … and that’s was. I hope I can use again Intrerupt Layout. It’s very good function.

I can give you in private teamviewer access, so you can add a screen and see how it works.

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