Xibo - email maintenance

I’ve got my Xibo setup and working with a few displays fine.
I’m trying to setup Maintenance and to get email alerts.
I’ve setup a task Schedule and this is running fine but not getting any emails.
In my php.ini I’ve edited the [mail function]

SMTP = my values

smtp_port = 25

sendmail_from = my values

and on Xibo settings I’ve got it set as protected
enable email alerts on
admin email address set as mine
sending email as work one

Checked junk and no emails coming in. Any other placed I’ve missed I need to set up?

Depends alot on whether you’re running on a Windows or a Linux server. There’s instructions on how to configure it in the Manual. I assume you’ve looked at those?

Yes - I’ve looked through the manual and believe I’ve configured everything needed. I’m setting up on a windows server 2012 R2

You may try this post

Found by just going to the maintenance.php from browser works and I received emails. So worked out the Task Schedule is the problem. I followed the settings in that post for windows server 2012 I get code of 0xff but no emails so not working. Will need to see how to do batch file or something to call the script.