Xibo downloads files and resources


Where exactly we can find any download files and resources inside my Android Player box
Based on Managing Storage on Android at Article below


when i set the storage location between these two options below :

  • internal storage
  • external storage

After get player running, I’m still cannot find any folder/path where the downloads files and resources have been collected by xibo system on my-android-player

Cause i want to make sure any downloads files and resources have been collected successfull

Thank you

I believe the end of the path will be /data/data/uk.org.xibo.client/files

no matter if it’s emulated/actual sd card or internal storage, you can also search for Xibo (or uk.org.xibo.client), as I assume you do have some sort of file manager installed on the android device.

Players also reports the media inventory status to the CMS, that’s another way to check if it really did download everything it needs.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your response,

Currently, i’m still cannot find the Xibo at /data/data/uk.org.xibo.client/files
and after follow your suggestion using File Manager with searching-files features
I get all file xibo-files saving at /Android/data/com.signage.zrgpirolcu/files

If i read the path name, it’s seem little bit strange name
Can you explain why all my xibo files have been gathered to this filepath ?

And honestly i little bit confused too…