Xibo does not remove the video from the playlist when it expires

Dear Xibo

Xibo does not remove the video from the playlist when it expires, however, the action is executed correctly, it shows the check that it has already expired and that the video does not continue to appear in the player, but it continues to be displayed in the playlist and it is necessary to remove it manually.



HI Maollano. I’ve transferred your post to the CMS channel to troubleshoot what sounds like an issue rather than a request for a new feature. Media set with an expiration date should disappear from your Playlist, as long as you have set it to do that.
I have been testing this in my CMS (3.3.5 for reference) and so far it is working correctly.

I went to the Playlist page in my CMS, created a playlist and added some media items. On one of the items I set it to expire by right clicking on the item and choosing the expiration option from the mini menu that appears. I set a start and end date/time and ticked the Delete on Expiry box:

I could also see that the playlist had a note to confirm that it will update its duration at the time I set that media to expire:

I waited until 13:30 and checked the Playlist. The duration was in the process of updating. The Regular maintenance task, which is responsible for updating playlist durations was still running, so I waited for it to finish. Once the duration was updated, I checked the playlist and the media item was gone:

I’d like to troubleshoot your issue with you. Can you let me know:

  • What CMS version are you using?
  • When you say Playlist, do you mean the same playlist I am referring to, or are you referring to adding media directly to a region in your layout? Sometimes these terms get used for differently so I just want to make sure we are talking about the same functionality.
  • Did you set the expiry for the media item by right clicking on it and choosing the Edit Expiry Dates option as I described?


  • Is your regular maintenance task running without error? You will need to check that in the Tasks page on your CMS.

Many Thanks.

This is a follow up that I have also tested the functionality for expiring videos and other media from a layout region and I also found that the media disappeared from the layout after the expiration date and the next regular maintenance task had completed.

Many Thanks.

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