Xibo display very small picture on big TV-screen ?!


Have installed Xibo 1.7 on a Windows XP computer, problem is Xibo display a little picture on the screen. Have checked the resolution, everything is on max. Is XP the problem maybe ?

Thx for answer!

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Sorry, what do you mean by “little picture” ?

Is the Xibo window taking up the entire screen and showing something small inside it, or is the xibo window itself small?

Here is a print screen of the tv display.


Xibo is full size, but the homepage is very small.

You need to resize the region on your layout to be the full size of the screen and then press the Save Position button to the top right of the layout designer.

The settings should be correct, see link.


Can you go to the Modules page in the CMS and reinstall all modules, then allow the Player time to download any updated content. I have a feeling you’re missing some javascript files in the CMS library and hence from the Player.

Now the resolution have changed, but it is to big now. Looks ugly! But I think I will fix it from here. Thx!

No problem! Glad it’s working for you now.

Im back, still problem with the resolution. I think Xibo dont like Windows XP. I have another TV with same layout and Windows 7, works fine! But not on my XP machine. :sob:

Have you made sure you’ve got all Windows updates installed (including the optional ones for .net Framework 3.5 SP1) and the latest version of Internet Explorer on Windows XP?

Then have you followed these instructions to enable the later version of Internet Explorer (I think the last version you’ll be able to use is IE8):

Thx for answer, but I reinstalled PC to Win7, works fine now!