Xibo display status

My xibo display status shows cross sign…why ???

Perhaps it’s downloading new files.
It should go back to tick(checkmark) after your display finish downloading everything it needs.

If it would persists, could you please show us a screenshot of status window on your device?

Display status…

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I assume that’s a Windows client, could you please press ‘i’ on your keyboard to display status window (while Xibo for Windows is running) and take a screenshot of it.

So it seems that there is a problem with access/permissions to your player’s local library.
So you might want to look at it and make sure that account that’s currently logged in has admin access.

You could also try to use the default path for local library
ie C:\Users\USERNAME\My Documents\Xibo Library

It seems to connected to CMS just fine, but the permissions and lack of access to local library are causing problems.