Xibo Display and options not show

Before completing please check that the time, date and timezone have been correctly set on the device running the Player.

To be completed by the original poster:

Player Version

the latest version install via snap


not loading correct cant read the fonts

Provide screenshots where possible!

Hi Andy_Asselin, welcome to the community!

Can you confirm the operating system you have installed your Xibo for Linux player onto? Can you also make sure to install the latest updates and drivers for your operating system and hardware and confirm if the issue persists?

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW

its ubuntu iso but it has been customized is they listed package xibo need to run or some way to debug it? for miss file i asume that what cause it

Hi Andy_Asselin,

Thank you for confirming it’s an Ubuntu OS. I suspect you could be right about a missing file or package. can you uninstall the player, then update your Ubuntu operating system and reinstall the payer again?

I have installed the player on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 so I’m confident this is resolvable, however I do not know what customisations have been made to the version you are using. If you have any details about the customisations that could help to understand why this may not be working on your Ubuntu install.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for your reply I end up just rebuild the iso and it works fine now it was basic sever versions iso with desktop iso added so am not sure what was missing

I figured what cause it if you run gnome desktop minimal install it show up that

i also did try set the timezone and it did not changed

Thank you Andy_Asselin for confirming that gnome desktop minimal was the cause of the issue. That will be helpful information for other users so I appreciate you updating the post. Hopefully you can now proceed to use your Xibo for Linux player without issue.

Many Thanks.

I still try to get it working

does this

maybe explain it?

1 xibo@xibo-client:~$ xibo-player.
xibo-player.disabled-watchdog xibo-player.options
1 xibo@xibo-client:~$ xibo-player.options

(options:9223): Gtk-WARNING **: 03:25:36.064: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:1428:23: ‘font-feature-settings’ is not a valid property name

(options:9223): Gtk-WARNING **: 03:25:36.069: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:3318:25: ‘font-feature-settings’ is not a valid property name

(options:9223): Gtk-WARNING **: 03:25:36.070: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:3780:23: ‘font-feature-settings’ is not a valid property name

just to update you on this:
I had the same issue (garbled screens) with:
Ubuntu Server 21.10 with Gnome installed
Ubuntu Server 20.04 Mini with Gnome installed

It works fine (more or less) with
Ubuntu Desktop 21.10.

BTW, the installation documentation does not mention you actually need a running X-Server or similar.

Ya I did get working on server build

But swap desktop settings around so iso can be used both installed server full automated and client

It did work not sure I think just had selected package desktop it was gnome still but it was one driffent package for not sure was minimal or winch they few

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