Xibo DB table's data safe to delete/trunucate


Recently, I had problem logging into CMS due to some session data storage in db and thus I had to log-in to phpmyadmin to truncate session table. Before truncating session table the DB was 35MB in size and after truncating session table it reduced to 20MB so the session table alone was over 15MB.

My questions is which table’s data in the database are safe to delete/trunucate for exporting or even keeping xibo cms run healthy.

I know one could safely empty ‘schedule’ & ‘schedule detail’ table if schedule data is not important.



What os are you running the CMS on? Also is the automated maintenance setup on the machine?

The database maintenance script which you should be running will clear out everything that needs to be cleared regularly.

The session table shouldn’t be that big. Perhaps your PHP session garbage collection is set for a very long interval?