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Afternoon All,
I have been tasked with creating a digital signage platform for several schools to provide updated Covid-19 information initially but also create content for school menus, wayfinding and extra-curricular programmes.
The sponsors are keen to have the CMS hosted - with each school responsible for individual scheduling of content to their own screens. Individual schools would need their own private account on the server but have access to a pool of media/graphics which they could then tailor to their requirements.
As the schools will be in different local authority regions they will have different feature requirements in that some will be using streaming media and Twitter updates while others need basic graphics and timetable information.
Would it be possible to have a single CMS instance with each school being a separate entity that allows them to log-in to the server showing just their screens?
To clarify - would each school/region require their own cloud instance of the CMS or can they all be served individually from the same platform.
Many Thanks

Sorry Xibo! but me as member of this forum can answer this question.

Yes it is possible to host your own CMS. In other words, if you have the place and resources at every school to host a local server, yes you can seperate the CMS. There a few manuals available in running Xibo CMS with Docker or a non-docker instance (not supported by Xibo support)

Or you can make seperate accounts. If you use the proper permissions on the layout that you are going to make as master user, every account will have their own display, layout and other object.

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It’s always great when a community member gets involved and help’s the team with answering questions :+1: Thank you!

Just to expand on what Vishal_Debipersad has said, indeed you can host your own CMS. Installation guides along with other Administration documentation can be found here.
We do also offer Cloud hosting service for Users, more information can be found here: Xibo in the Cloud

Within a single CMS instance you can create multiple Users who would only have permission to access their own Media/Displays/Schedules so each school can be managed separately within a single CMS. Our User Manual gives further information on the features which allow for this functionality here

Do take advantage of our 14 day free Cloud CMS trail so you can take a closer look!

If you would like further information regarding our Cloud hosting services and to discuss your options further then please do reach out to our sales team who will be happy to help!

Thanks Vishal that’s exactly what I need.

Thanks Natasha,
I think the Xibo Cloud option is best for my initial needs…will be in touch soon.

No problem, I will let our team know :+1:

@natasha No problem at all! I have tested things within 14 days in the cloud, also in a virtual machine with docker and non-docker. Now we are running a non-docker CMS in the cloud by one of our hostingprovider and there is where I build my experience with.

If you have less time in maintaining Xibo in your own environment, Xibo Cloud is the answer for sure!

HI Natasha.

Just to confirm what i am reading above…

You can host multiple users on Xibo. Does this mean, you can seperate user objects…

For example… 1 user can only see and access their own stuff… while another user can only see and access thier own ?

I am looking to start up my own Digital Signage hosting company and would love xibo to be the flagship i use.



Hi Dean

Multi-tenant is possible using the Permissions model (if set correctly) but we would highly recommend a separate CMS per customer to completely guarantee that each customer would only get to see and access their own stuff.

That’s great to hear, and good luck with your business venture! We hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:


Hi Natasha, thank you for the quick reply.

On that note, can multiple CMS’s be set up on the same server or would you need one host per CMS ?

On that note Natasha, it does seem the multi-tenant route could become onerous from a system admin point of view. What is the best way to achieve CMS separation on the same hosted server? Would you recommend using sub-domains and building the CMS on each one?
My particular use case is the public sector and I want to avoid end users adding displays that have not been approved by our technical standards.
Many Thanks

Hi Dean

You would typically do it by running a reverse proxy on ports 80/443 and then forwarding traffic from that to multiple Docker CMS installs on the same server (each on a separate local port).

Hi Franco

If you require guaranteed separation for each customer then a separate CMS for each is what we recommend.

This would be the way to go.

Don’t give users Super Admin access so that they cannot add Displays.

Thanks again Natasha, have a great weekend.