Xibo CMS 4.0.8 Released

We are pleased to announce the eighth patch to the 4.0 version of the Xibo CMS. The codename for this version is “Westphal”.

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Just installed 4.0.8. and the RSS Ticker marquee is still not working in the Windows/Android player, but is working fine in the preview. I use the RSS feed ceu.xibo.cloud/mediarss/feed.xml. The Copyright text is displayed in the player, but not the title tag text. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Or is this not working for everyone?

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In the upper right corner of the Xibo dashboard there is an notification

’ There is a problem with this installation. “install.php” should be deleted.’

But I cannot find a file with the name install.php. I can find a folder with the name ‘install’. Do I have to delete this folder?

Ah yes! It always does this at every update…
Go into your “Xibo” folder, then “web > Install” and delete “index.php”
Next time you reload the webpage the error will be gone

Thanks, but the notification tells me to delete ‘install.php’ instead of ‘index.php’ in the install folder.

Hey, no problem :grin:
Good luck!

yes, delete the install folder, do not delete the index.php file.

The “unknow color” error log are still showing up after the update to 4.0.8. The player is Xibo for Android, lastest version

Same here. Updated from 4.0.7 to 4.0.8 and RSS Marquee is not working.
Server: Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS / Xibo Docker 4.0.8
Client: Win11 / xibo-client-v4-R402.1-win32

Preview looks ok but client is not showing the feed at all

I’ve opened an issue to adjust this message to say that the install folder should be deleted.

We will look into the RSS tickers to see what’s happening.