Xibo CMS 4.0.5 released

Announcing the 5th patch for v4.0 of the Xibo CMS which addresses 46 issues.
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There is a Bug in Datasets. Even if the Slots are pinned. It slides from one to another. Also the Date is not rendering.

On this gif, i have 3 slots. All are pinned.

One is sliding and another doesnt show.


Trank you for the Great Work and Support :sunglasses:

I believe that this also happens with weather widgets if you want to show only the current forecast…

Apologies for this, we’ve confirmed the bug and created an issue for it here:

I also have a scale issue with Windows and android Players.

If i have one Image in a Layout. The player scales it tooo big. (Also Problems with Websites)

Now i am downgrading to 4.0.4 (is there a good way to do it without losing data?)

@sasch90 Please check that in the computer scaling is set to 100%

thank you very much! Is there a Way on android?

I have a problem when upgrading from 3.x.x to a 4.0.5 version of the CMS. In particular the weather & RSS where I have used optional stylesheets to overwrite the default layouts to get the appearance required by our customers.

If I have clauses in the CSS like
font-size: 7em;

when I update the CMS to v4.0.5 the clause gets converted to
.item&gt ; {*
font-size: 7em;
and my carefully aligned RSS/weather goes to pot!

I’ve got a number of these spread across a number of self hosted CSS instances; is there any way this can be addressed please.


Hi Peter,

I will share how this has converted incorrectly for you to our dev team for further investigation, as it should have converted over correctly on upgrade.

We are aware of some limitations in v4 for users who have previously used optional stylesheets and are looking to address this in our v4.1 release.

Do take a look at our latest topic in our Inside Xibo category which further explains our planned improvements for 4.1: Key improvements for 4.1

In the meantime you could create an XML template with your customers required formatting and styling and then upload to their CMS to be used with their RSS feed.

Further information on Templates can be found in our developer documentation: Templates - Widgets | Xibo Digital Signage

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Also we use Xibo in Windows docker, in Rss feeds the enclosed images are not displayed anymore after updating. If we reverd back to our Ubuntu with docker on 4.05 the same isseu.
It seems that the Xibo client also often restarts or hangs?

Could you give us a bit more information? Is this a layout which scaled correctly in 4.0.4 and not in 4.0.5? Or is this a new layout in 4.0.5?

In 4.0.5 if you put your image inside a playlist, does it still have scaling issues?