Xibo CMS 3.1.4 Released

We are pleased to announce the fourth patch for the 3.1 version of Xibo which addresses 15 issues. v3.1 is a feature update to v3.0, with improvements to the layout editing experience, Pixabay integration and lots of usability improvements. The codename for this version is “Holmes”.

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In the Xibo for Docker Linux update file (xibo-docker.tar.gz) the yml files still refers to 3.1.3 version. Please check and correct.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, that has now been corrected.

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Sorry to say, but has lots of issues under Centos9.

Doesnt work with mysql 5.7 … I replace the docker-compose.yml statement with :8 instead of 5.7 and database comes up. Now Other related issues such as I wasnt able to even login to the login page. Show a banner message “configuration problem - Can’t write to Library” … Files have strage user id numers like uid:100, and inside shared/db folder database files are owned by systemd-coredump user. I downloaded directly using docker-compose up -d , minimal changes like MYSQL password inside config.env , and keeps failing .

It does work with MySQL 5.7. 5.7 has been the default now for some time. MySQL 8 isn’t supported, and since you’ve run with MySQL your database files will have been upgraded to a version that 5.7 now can’t use - so you’ll need to restore a backup to get it working again.

It’s normal for files to be owned by strange IDs as the userIDs inside the container won’t match those on your host system. That you get "configuration problem - Can’t write to Library” suggests you maybe modified those users or permissions and have now prevented the containers from writing to the shared folders correctly.

In the case of the library down/up the container will fix that, otherwise again you’d need to roll back to a backup you took before you changed those permissions.

I’d suggest posting a new thread in the Get Help section if you have specific problems as this isn’t a general issue with the release, so the release announcement thread isn’t the appropriate place to post.

After testing this version, here are my feedbacks :slight_smile:

  • Tidy library not working
  • Layout thumbnail not showing automatically, have to click then it will show
  • Layout creation, at the creating layout page loading contents takes a while
  • Background image toolbar missing, means if you want to change background that you already have in the library you won’t be able to, have to reupload instead of being able to use any image u have in the library.

Thanks for the support!!

Thank you for your feedback.

You can drag and drop or click to add image files from your library or pixabay to the background image like you would add images to a Region, with the additional option of uploading a new file from here.

Existing Layout thumbnails will not automatically show and as you say you have to click on them to show. It will however generate a thumbnail if you were to re-publish.

With regards to the the Tidy Library function and Layout Creation I am not aware of any issues with these so please do post a new thread for each in the Get Help section so that you can provide the necessary details for us to take a look.

Thank you

Thank you Natasha! You are right on the background image issue, my bad :slight_smile: