I am currently running 1.7.6 & works awesome I love the product. but I do want to upgrade to see the new features 1.8 has. I dont want to disturb my current installation. Attached is the folder structure of 1.8. is that a fresh install or just a “upgrade” I want to create a sub folder on my webserver name it /xibo1_8_test & install 1.8 there? how do I install? there is no install.php?

As you have noted 1.8 has a different structure to 1.7 and needs a little more care when installing. There are 2 principle differences:

  1. Most of Xibo is NOT in a web accessible location. This means your webserver needs to be configured to serve from the /web sub folder.
  2. URL’s are “pretty”. This means your webserver needs to support .htaccess files and have mod_rewrite enabled (in Apache) or have some other suitable provision for rewriting URLs.

Its in /web/install/index.php and would be accessible via the URL install/.

This is not recommended as files that are supposed to be hidden will be available to the web. Available options are discussed in this article - placing CMS files heading